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A Book About Cider and Perry *
Cooke, C. W. Radclffe, 1898, Horace Cox, London England

Advances in Fruit Breeding
Janick J., and Moore, J. (Eds.) 1975. Purdue University Press. West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press.

Apple a History of Canada's Perfect Fruit, The *
Martin, C., 2007, McArthur And Co, Toronto

Apple Grower, The
Phillips, M. 1998. White River Junction, VT.: Chelsea Green.

Apple Kitchen Book
Taylor, D. 1979. McLean, Virginia: International Apple Institute.

Apples *
Browning, F., 1998, North Point Press, New York

Apples for the Twenty-First Century
Manart, W. 1995. Portland, North American Tree Co.

Apples of New York, The
1905. Report of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station for 1903, Volumes 1 and 2. Beach, S., Booth, N. and Taylor, O. Geneva, N.Y.: New York Agricultural Experiment Station.(NYAES)

Apple Thinning Guide
Schwallier, P. 1996. Sparta, MI: Great Lakes Publishing Co.

BCFTA Summary of ‘My 10 Years with the Pears of Vancouver Island'
Straight, E. c. 1928.

Bee plants
Crawford M., 2000. Agroforestry Research Trust. Devon, UK

Berry Production Guide for Commercial Growers
2002/2003. BCMAFF.A Book

Blackberries and Raspberries
Crawford M., 1999. Agroforestry research Trust. Devon, UK.

Cherries of New York, The *
Hedrick, U. O., 1914. Report of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station for the year 1914

Cherries: Production and Culture
Crawford, M. 1997. Devon, UK: Agroforestry Research Trust.

Chestnuts Production and Culture *
Crawford, M., 1995. Agroforestry Research Trust, England

Citrus Varieties of the World: An Illustrated Guide
Saunt, J. 1990. Norwich, UK: Sinclair International Ltd.

Compendium of Apple and Pear Diseases
Jones, A. and Aldwinckle, H. (Eds) 1990. St. Paul Minnesota: American Phytopathological Society (APS) Press.

Compendium of Citrus Diseases
Whiteside, J., Garnsey, S. and Timmer, L. (Eds.) 1988. St. Paul Minn: APS Press.

Compendium of Grape Diseases
Pearson, R. and Goheen, A. (Eds.) 1988. St. Paul: APS Press.

Compendium of Raspberry and Blackberry Diseases and Insects
Ellis, M., Michael, A. et al (Eds.) 1991. St. Paul Minn: APS Press.

Compendium of Stone Fruit Diseases
Ogawa, J. et al (Eds.) 1995. St. Paul Minn: APS Press.

Compendium of Strawberry Diseases
Maas, J. (Ed.) 1984. St. Paul Minn: APS Press.

Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia, The
Glowinski, L. 1991. Port Melbourne, Victoria: Lothian Publications.

Currants and Gooseberries: Production and Culture
Crawford M. 1997. Agroforestry Research Trust. Devon UK.

Directory of Apple Cultivars
Crawford, M. 1994. Agroforestry Research Trust, Devon, UK:

Directory of Apple Cultivars
Crawford M. 2001. Agroforestry Research Trust, Devon, UK.

Directory of Pear Cultivars
Crawford, M. 1996. ibid.

Diseases of Fruit and Nut Crops
Ogawa, J. et al. 1991.

Epitaph for a Peach
David Mas

Espalier Fruit Trees their history and culture *
Edmunds, A., 1986. Pomona Books

Fleming's Deciduous Tree Fruit Cultivars (Monbulk Nurseries) *
Fleming, D. (Ed), 1991. Victoria, Australia

Flowering Crabapples: The Genus Malus
1994. Fiala, J. Portland: Timber Press.

Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory
Wheatly, K. (Ed.) 2001.

Fruit Culture: Its Science and Art
Ryugo, K. 1988. Toronto: John Wiley and Sons.

Fruit Expert, The
Hessayon Dr. D. G., 1990. Transworld Publishers Ltd. London UK

Fruit Gardener's Bible: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruits and Nuts in the Home Garden, The
Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry, Storey Publishing, 2012

Fruit Varieties Resistant to Pests and Diseases
Crawford, M. 1997. Devon, UK: Agroforestry Research Trust.

Grapes of New York, The
1908. Geneva N.Y: NYAES

Growing Saskatoons. A Manual for Orchardists
St. Pierre, R. 1999. Saskatoon, Sask.: University of Saskatchewan.

Hawthorns and Medlars
Phipps J. B., O‘Kennon R. J., Lance R. W. 2003. Timber Press, Portland, Cambridge.

Heritage Apples: a new sensation *
Lundy, S., 2013. Touch Wood Editions

Highbush Blueberry Production
Strik, B. (Ed.) 1993. Oregon: PNW Extension Publication.

History of Fruit Growing and Handling in US and Canada
1860-1972. Upshall, W. 1976. University Park, PA: American Pomological Society.

Home and Garden Pest Management guide for British Columbia *
Jesperson, G. (Ed.), 2009, Province of British Columbia

Integrated Pest management for Stone Fruits (Reference Copy) *
Strand, L., 1999, University of California Division of Agriculture and natural Resourses publication 3389

Kiwifruit Enthusiast's Journal *
Pliarski, M (Ed). 1992. Tonasket WA: Friends of the Trees

Kiwifruit Handbook
Johnson, D. et al. 1988. Bonsall, CA.: Bonsall Publications.

Kiwifruit Manual *
Warner,B. 1989, Province of BC, New crop Development Fund of Agriculture Canada.

Natural History of Pollination, The
Proctor, M. 1996. Portland, Timber Press.

New Directions in Tree Fruit Pest Management
Williams, K. (Ed.) 1991. Yakima, WA:

Nutshell Guide to Growing Blueberries, Cranberries & Lingonberries
Simms C.,2005. Orchard House Books. Lincs. UK.

Nutshell Guide to Growing Figs
Simms C. 2004. Orchard House Books, Lincs. UK.

Options to Protect Crops from Damage by Deer in British Columbia
Simpson, K. and Kelsall, J. 1993.

Orchard Pest Management: A Resource Book for the Pacific Northwest
Beers, E. et al (Eds.) 1993. Yakima WA.: Good Fruit Grower.

Organic Apple Production Manual (Reference Copy) *
Swezey, S., Vossen, P., Caprile, J., Bentley, W., 2000, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources publication 3403

Organic Tree Fruit Management
Edwards, L. Certified Organic Association of B.C. White Rock, B.C.:Keystone Bio-Research.

Peaches and Apricots
Crawford M. 2002. Agroforestry Research Trust. Devon UK.

Peaches, Plums and Nectarines: Growing and Handling for Fresh Market
LaRue, J. and Johnson, R. (Eds.) 1989. Oakland CA: University of California.

Pears of New York, The
Hedrick, U. 1911. Geneva, N.Y. NYAES .

Physiology of Temperate Zone Fruit Trees
Faust, M. 1989.

Plant Propagation Principles and Practices *
Hartmann, H. T., Kester, D. E.,1959, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey

Plums of New York, The
Hedrick, U. 1911. Geneva, N.Y.: NYAES.

Plums: Production, Culture and Cultivar Directory
Crawford M., 1996. Agroforestry Research Trust. Devon UK.

Pollination with Mason Bees *
Dogterrom, M., 2002, Beediverse Books, Coquitlam, BC

Pomona’s Harvest: An Illustrated Chronicle of Antiquarian Fruit Literature
Janson, H. 1922. Portland, Timber Press.

Pruning of Apples and Pears by Renewal Methods, The *
Thompson, C. R., 1949, Faber and Faber, London England

Orchard Mason Bee, The *
Griffin, B. L., 1993. Know Cellars Publishing, Bellingham Wash.

Our Plums
Kanizadeh ,S. and Cousineau, J. 2000. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Register of New Fruit and Nut Varieties, Second Edition
Brooks, R. and Olmo, H. 1972. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Royal Gala in England: A Grower’s Guide to Improve Production
Worraker, R. and Withnall, M. 1997. Kent UK: Malcom Withnall.

Small Fruits of New York, The
1925. Geneva NY: NYAES.

Success with Growing Fruit in Containers *
Himmelhuber, P., Douthwaite, K. (Ed), 1999, Merehurst Ltd, London England

Temperate and Subtropical Fruit and Nut Crops. Plant Nutrient Disorders, The
1993. Melbourne, Aust.: NSW Agriculture.

Temperate Zone Pomology: Physiology and Culture. Third Edition
Westwood, M. and Melvin, N. 1993. Portland, OR: Timber Press.

Training and Pruning Apple and Pear Trees
Forshey, C. and Stebbins, R. 1992.

Tree Fruit Irrigation: A Comprehensive Manual of Deciduous Tree Fruit Irrigation Needs
William, K. and Ley, T. (Eds.) 1994. Yakima, WA: Good Fruit Grower.

Tree Fruit Physiology: Growth and Development:
A Comprehensive Manual for Regulating Deciduous Tree Fruit Growth and Development.
Maib, K. et al (Eds.) 1957. ibid.

Tree Fruit Production Guide for Commercial Growers Interior District
1995 BCMAFF.

Fruit Trees in Small Spaces: Abundant Harvests From Your Own Backyard *
Eierman, C., 2012. Timber Press, Portland Ore.

Uncommon Fruits Worthy of Attention: A Gardener’s Guide
Reich,L. 1991. Don Mills, ON: Addison Wesley.

Walnuts Production and Culture *
Crawford, M., 1996, Agroforestry Research Trust, England

Welsh Marshes Pomona *
Porter, M., 2010, Marcher Apple Network

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Actinidia: The Kiwi and its Relatives

A Practical Guide to Top Fruit Growing
1995. Royal Horticultural Society.

Budding and Grafting Fruit Trees
Agricultural Communications, Oregon State U.

Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning
Moulton, G. 1990. Conway WA: Cedardale Orchards.

Fruit Grower’s Guide to Pruning Highbush Blueberries
Ag Communications, Ore. State U.

Introduction to High Density Apple Orchard Management
Guelph ON: OMAFRA.

Orchard Mason Bee, The
Griffin, B. Urban Farmer Video Production.

Spanish Bush System of Growing Sweet Cherries, The
U of California.

Tree Support
Ford, C. Wilson Irrigation.

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Factsheets Agroforestry Research Trust. Includes: American Persimmon, Cornelian Cherry, Crabapple, Loquat, Juneberries (Saskatoons), Hardy Kiwi, Mulberries, Nut Pines, Oregon Grape, Pawpaw, Quince.

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