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Growing Blueberries

Blackberries: Some Good, Some Not So Good
Hugh Daubeny 1999

Commercial Growing Of Cranberries
Tom Baumann 1998

Joan’s Strawberry Planter

Loch Ness Blackberry
Hugh Daubeny

The Native North American Red Raspberry
(and how you can help breeders
improve commercial varieties!)

Hugh Daubeny

Growing Raspberries

(Currants and Related Species)
Sid Joss

Sea Buckthorn I & Sea Buckthorn II
John Muntz

Small Fruit Growing In The Fraser Valley
Barbara Chernick April, 1998

Growing Strawberries

The Tayberry
Hugh Daubeny 1997

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Cider 1997
Derek Bisset 1998

Cider Apple Growing And Cropping
Derek Bisset,1998

Some Cider Apple Tree Descriptions
Ref: Cider and Juice Apples ed. by RR Williams
Comments by Derek Bissett

Notes To Myself For Cidermaking
Derek Bisset 1999

Equipment For Juicing Apples
Derek Bisset 2003

Juicing Apples Safely
Derek Bisset

Recommended List Of Cider Apples
From Langley, B.C. Experience
Derek Bisset

Safe Juicing
Derek Bisset, 1998

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How To Increase Wild Pollinator Populations
Paul van Westendorp, 2005

Blue Orchard Bee
Super efficient pllinator of orchard crops

Bee With Pollen image

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Heritage Apples Of The Bella Coola Valley
Caroline Granander,1999

Sources Of Information About Heritage Fruit
Rex Welland,1999

Memories Of The North Thompson Valley
H. Godau,1999

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Apple Identification Form

Apple Parts

Decisions, Decisions: Apple Tree Selection
Carol Ponchet, 2005

The Boskoop/Goudrenet Apples: A Revisit

Bud Grafting In Summmertime
John Meyer, 1999

Chip Budding: An Old Grafting Technique
For woody plants with rediscovered advantages for Nebraska
W.A. Gustafson Jr. and T.M. Morrissey, 2005

Cider & Cider Apples

Double Working To Overcome Incompatibility

Oblique Cordon Training of Dwarf Fruit Trees:
And How To Prune Them

Bob Duncan

Dwarf Sour Cherries
Mary Gresham, 2005

Dwarf Sour Cherry
Dr. Bob Bors, 2003

Alma-Aty Or Almaty,Father Of Apples
Cathy Rasmussen, 2003

Growing Apples Without Spraying
Art Jordan, of Yellow Point Orchard, 1977

Heritage Apples Of Southwestern B.C.

Some Good Varieties for Southwestern B. C.

(In Order of Ripening)

Singing The Praises Of Gravenstein
Jim Rahe

King Apple Varieties

Some Useful Apple Descriptions
Frank Besier

Frank Besier

Some Modern Quality Apples

Mulching In Pear Orchards
Frank Besier

Red Through and Through:
The Niedzwetskyana Crabapple

Carol Ponchet, 2005

Pacific Crabapple (Malus Fusca)
Frank Besier & Arthur Jordan

Jim Walton as told to Barbara Chernick,1999

Frank Kappel, 1997

Pruning/Rejuvination Of Standard Apple Trees
John Meyer, 1998

Quality Apples For South West British Columbia
(In order of ripening)

The Quest For The Quintessence Of Quince - Continued
Cathy Rasmussen, 1999

Quince “A” Rootstock & Graft Compatibility
Frank Besier

Seedling Apple Trees
Frank Besier, 2005

The Lost Pears of New York
Frank Besier; January 2005

Tree Planting Today
Ray Gresham, 2005

“Do it Yourself” Tree Shelters
Frank Besier

Variations On Red Gravenstein

Water Core
Barbara Chernick, 2003

When To Pick Pears

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Nutritional Value Of Apples And Some Cultivar Differences

Apples And Low Acid Diets

Allergies To Apples, Other Fruit, Nuts And Vegetables

In-Row Groundcovers For Orchard Weed Control
E.J. Hogue, G.H. Neilsen and S. Kuchta, 2005

Frank Besier

Micrografting Propagation
Bob Harris,1999

Minerall: A Clay For Controlling Powdery Mildew
Barbara Chernick, 1998

Monthly Reminders

The Pawpaw
(Asimina triloba)

Pico, Plant Breeders’ Rights And You

Plant Tissue Culture
Bob Harris, 1999

The Use Of Reflective Mulches In Orchards And Vineyards
Barbara Chernick, 2005

Research Notes
Peter Mitham, 2005

Use of Zinc Sulphate
Ann Aylard, 2005

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Anthracnose Canker Is A Zero Tolerance Disease
Jim Rahe,1999

Treatment for anthracnose canker?
John Meyer, 1999.pdf

Apple Diseases

Biology And Control Of Apple And Pear Scab
Franz Niederholzer,1997

Apple Scab Resistance Breeding At Summerland
Cheryl Hampson, 2003

Confessions of a Canker Conqueror (He Hopes!)
Jim Rahe, 2004

Eastern Filbert Blight
Frank Besier, 2005

Recognition, Life Cycle, Damage
and Control of Insect Pests

on Fruit Trees in Coastal British Columbia

The Gypsy Moth On Vancouver Island – Part II
Bob Duncan

More Orchard Insects In Coastal B.C.
Bob Duncan, 1998

Pear Trellis Rust, Resistant Junipers
Barbara Chernick, 2003

Plum Pox Virus On A Peach

Powdery Mildew: Fruit Trees
Sid Joss

Rust Diseases
Richard Hunt

Rust Disease Resistance (Continued)
Rich Hunt, 1998

The Challenge Of The Varroa Mite
For Vancouver Island Beekeepers

Bill Spriggs, 1977

Bitter Pit of Apple

Currant Fruit Fly (Euphranta canadensis)

Anthracnose Canker Description

Bacterial Canker

Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella)

Currant Sawfly (Nematus ribesii)

Peach Leaf Curl
Barbara Chernick

Pear Trellis Rust
Barbara Chernick

Winter Moth (Operophthera bruinata)
Linda Edwards, 1998

Apple Scab

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Mrs. Murphy's  Apple Pie Bars
(Thanks to Patron Orchards in Comox for this recipe)

French Apple Pie
(Courtesy of Phyllis Wetherall)

B.C.F.T.A. Fruit Recipes

Medlar Fudge

Mince Pies:
(yesterday, today and with luck, not tomorrow) anon, 2005

Plumple Pie

Quince Jelly

Poached Pear & Frangipane Tarts

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Chestnut (Castanea) Cultivation
Joe Simonyi, 2001

Eastern Filbert Blight
Frank Besier, 2005

Growing Chestnuts From Seed

Growing Walnuts From Seed

Pollination In Filberts
Barbara Chernick, 2003

The Hazelnut
Chaim Kempler, 1998

Walnut Culture
J.S. Simonyi,1999

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